Planet poem(s)

A digital project by children from five continents on satellite images of the Earth

When we look at the Earth from the space, we can see

a multitude of faces sketched by nature and human beings.

A stadium, a square, a tree become eyes ; a shed, a lake, become noses ; a city, a forest, a river, become a pout or a smile... Those faces, inhabitants of the world we meet without seeing, are unveiled in the children's digital art. They provide us with a multitude of metaphors about the richness of humanity.

By relying on the poetic of satellite imagery and digital atlas technologies, the challenge of Planet poem(s) project

is to reenchant the world. To advocate peace among nations

and to raise awareness about sustainable development.

To offer children the opportunity to discover their potential,

to assert themselves as global citizens and, thus, become empowered.

Planet poem(s) will be exhibited and published. It will be added to the "knowledge maps" provided by some digital atlases, thus integrating our collective narrative. Thought has been given to how these drawings can be vectors of the environmental evolution of a specific geographical zone and perhaps become potential whistleblowers. 

The idea ? A child attentive to their drawing and sensitive to its transformation — induced by natural causes or by human impact — is a child that is attentive to the Earth.